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How do you go

from here...


How do you go

from here... there?

a) I'm not sure...

b) Unguided without a schedule

c) Guided Step-by-Step by a

Professional with a Track Record

Hint: it's not a) or b)




Our Process

Step 01

Introduction, Goals, & Outline

Step 01The first thing that we do is find out: What have you achieved and where do you want to go? This will help us make sure that our goals align. We will then explain our program to you and suggest a schedule, or outline, of the coming months.

Step 02

Identify Challenges

Step 02As we work through the MCAT, we will better understand your strengths and weaknesses. We can then tailor the program to focus on improving these problem areas.

Step 03

Open Communication

Step 03After each lesson, your mentor will submit a summary that can be instantly viewed through our website. Communication keeps you, parents, and everyone involved in the loop by monitoring each lesson.

Step 04

Track Progress Online

Step 04Notes and progress reports on EACH lesson are available online. Thanks to the cloud technology we use, you can keep track of everything and renew your account balance as you use it from anywhere with an internet connection.


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